Swapscanner 2022 Q3 Roadmap Update

August 7, 2022

Our Q3 Mission
👉 Extending platform even further for the best user experience

1. Introducing Limit Order Protocol

  • Introducing the first limit order protocol on Klaytn network.
  • This protocol will also be integrated into our Navigator and NAEP for the most optimized result.
  • We aim to provide the same best experience as major centralized exchanges through our sophisticated UI/UX, and tech team.
  • Our limit order protocol will have ZERO fee in order to optimize liquidity further and help enabling Klaytn ecosystem.

2. Swapscanner Mobile App v1

  • Launching Swapscanner mobile app version 1 for the best user experience on mobile phones.
  • We will introduce essential features one by one in a phased manner.
  • Push notifications for better visibility of the entire Klaytn ecosystem.
  • We are working closely with the largest corporate law firm to eliminate any risks.

3. Featuring Multi Chart

  • Multi Chart enables the ability for users to view and monitor multiple candlestick charts at same time.
  • The only chart service in Klaytn ecosystem that delivers the most accurate price data.

4. Major UI/UX Update

  • There will be a complete overhaul to the UI/UX to provide a better user experience, more similar to that of the centralized exchanges.
  • This will bring us beyond being just a simple DEX aggregator service.

5. Chat

  • We will be launching a chat room on the Pro Chart page, so that many users can share various information.
  • This will be a cornerstone for the Swapscanner to evolve into a huge crypto trading community.
  • For sure this will not be just a simple chat room. Many features will be delivered in a phased manner.

6. Swapscanner API

  • Our API consists of swap routing, Pro Chart, dashboard, and many more.
  • Various services trying to integrate with our API are currently and actively working in progress.
  • All the core services of the ecosystem aim to complete the money lego which utilizes our technology, even being outside of our Dapp.

7. Yet another Navigator optimization

  • In order to guarantee irreplaceably the highest swap efficiency within the Klaytn ecosystem, we aim to respond immediately to the changing Klaytn gas price.
  • We also expect to gain an edge in competition with other multichain projects beyond the Klaytn network.

8. More pools to be integrated

  • We are working closely with many other new DEXes that are currently actively in development.
  • We will ensure that Swapscanner always has the most liquidity volume aggregated.

👋 First of all, we wish to express our gratitude to the numerous users and SCNR holders using Swapscanner.

In the third quarter, Swapscanner has established itself as the incomparable number one DEX aggregator.

As a primary portfolio, leading the vitalization of the Klaytn ecosystem, we will never be satisfied with the quality of our service. We think it is time to work on more features and expand the platform more radically.

Our team will once again close the gap of user experience in between centralized exchanges and DEXes through with the Limit Order Protocol in this quarter. Also by launching a mobile app that no other Klaytn Dapps have done ever.

In addition, we will continue trying to absorb various other features that are necessary for the ecosystem. This will help Swapscanner to evolve into a huge one-stop platform. The API that we will be introducing this quarter, will help us take root throughout the entire ecosystem.

Technologies and features that we have built, and building are mostly first attempts within the ecosystem. Our mission and vision is not limited to the existing ecosystem, but will be devoted to playing a major role in the healthy growth of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, various experts have joined our team, and we are actively collaborating with reliable partners willing to help.

Since there are still too many features that are necessary for the Web 3.0 ecosystem, we promise to provide SCNR holders and users of the Swapscanner with a diverse and novel roadmap every quarter.

Our mission and vision is much larger and more sophisticated than whoever expects.
We seek your huge support for the ecosystem that Swapscanner will build and thrive.


Team Swapscanner 🚀